Woodcrest is a private school operating in the Umdoni area. We have had a fantastic first few years so far with excellent feedback from children, parents and the community!


Woodcrest classes are limited to 15 learners and will be kept small to maintain a quality, personalized education. This is proving particularly beneficial for children with moderate barriers to learning who are thriving in a well structured environment that also caters for their varied styles of learning using adapted teaching and testing techniques.

At Woodcrest we embrace an outdoor lifestyle where children are allowed to play with no shoes on and climb trees as children should. We encourage an interest in nature and conservation and are fortunate enough to have the Nkumbane dam as well as the Umdoni Reserve within easy walking distance.

Covid 19 Compliant

As a small private school we are able to meet the Covid 19 requirements so all grades are attending school. Strict health protocols are in place including daily screening, sterilising, barriers and distance between learners at all times. Read More…



Key Features of Woodcrest Academy

IEB, CAPS compliant Curriculum:
An issue of particular concern for South African parents is that of recognition overseas. Should they ever choose to emigrate or their children decide to study overseas, they need to know that their children will be accepted into schools and universities abroad with minimal adjustment required. Our learners follow a mainstream CAPS curriculum until they reach gr. 7.  They then convert to the IEB CAPS curriculum run by a reputable home-school system.  The children are supervised through this program by a full-time qualified teacher and specialist subject teachers who visit them for Maths, Afrikaans and Physics classes.  Our intention is to take learners up to grade 9, building their capabilities and confidence ,where they will then have the choice of moving into our FET College, where they will register themselves into a practical correspondence program such as Boston, Intec, Damelin etc. On completion of their chosen course they will be placed into apprenticeships with local businesses, by the school, for hands-on experience in their chosen field.  Or, should the learner wish to continue into the FET phase, they will  complete their schooling and achieve an IEB matric qualification.
Academic achievement is the primary goal of the school, achieved by ensuring well-trained teachers who have specialised in the fields of Maths, Science, Technology and the Arts and who have the flexibility in their teaching styles to ensure that every child, irrespective of their learning style, is able to achieve a main-stream curriculum.  In-house intervention programs are individually tailored, for children who struggle, to assist them to gain access to a main-stream education.  For children who excel, or those with specific  subject strengths, as often seen in Autistic children or children with Aspergers Syndrome, programs are developed to extend them so that they are stretched to reach their full potential, while support programs bring them up to speed in their areas of weakness.A grade 1 Prep class,  for pre-grade one, is available for learners who are not yet ready or old enough for gr. 1.  This year is of particular benefit to children who are either physically/emotionally immature or those with social/learning disorders to help prepare them for big school.
Sports and extra-mural activities
PE is an important part of the schools curriculum and includes fitness training, strength building, balance and ball skills. However, teachers are not sports coaches and a sports program with qualified, experienced coaches will ensure that proper training is provided for competitive sports. A variety of sports are incorporated into the PE program including golf, rounders, soccer, netball, track training, etc.A selection of extra-mural activities are now being offered, these include field games, chess, art classes and, for those that require it, audiblox therapy, art therapy (reading and OT activities), study skills, extra Maths, Afrikaans and IsiZulu. Evening classes in conversational Zulu will shortly be on offer for those parents or other community members who need help to communicate more effectively.

Small Classes:
In order for quality education to be achieved, our classes are currently at 12, but will be no more than 15 children per teacher once we move to larger premises.  Teacher Aides in the Foundation Phase classes also enable one-on-one attention for children who experience any kind of difficulty in the classroom.

Remedial Assistance
Because classes are small, children who have moderate barriers to learning can be effectively included and worked with, on a mainstream curriculum, by the teacher who has the time to assist them when necessary. For those who require it, we provide the services of a number of in-house therapists and therapy classes.  The teachers are experienced at working with children with a variety of problems ranging from deafness, dyslexia,  hyperactivity disorder, high functional autism, processing disorders etc. and have had enormous success bringing these children back onto a mainstream curriculum in  just a few short months.
Practical Uniforms
We have designed a practical, casual uniform that allows our children to learn and play in comfort… and with as little white as possible! Open sandals are a part of the Summer uniform and a tracksuit is a available for the Winter season.
Carefully structured Homework program
The homework program is designed to reinforce the learning processes in the classroom, to teach independence, time-management and allow the parent to stay in touch with the challenges their child faces at school. Each class’s program should take no more than half an hour to complete, but reading aloud in English and Afrikaans on a daily basis is required.  For parents who work all day, a homework centre is available for a small fee where your child will be supervised in the completion of his/her homework.
School Lunches:
We all want our children to eat healthy lunches… but making lunch every morning is a challenge and it often returns uneaten. We have a wholesome Fresh Lunch Program that includes a freshly prepared, well-balanced, supervised mid-day meal.