A top class Curriculum is our goal!


Our focus is to provide a high-quality, mainstream curriculum to every child, and to enable every learner at our school to achieve the best possible qualification that they are personally able to achieve.

Our teachers ensure that the focus on academics remains a priority, even for children with barriers to learning. Remedial and extension programs are available for children who require them, using suitably qualified teachers, to ensure that every child reaches his/her full potential.


Monitoring Performance

  • Exams do not form a part of the program for children in Grade 1 to Grade 3. Assessment through regular testing is done, as well as continuous assessment of daily work.
  • If the teacher feels there is a learning difficulty, parents will be called in to discuss solutions and interventions.
  • Reports are provided every term to ensure that children are being monitored closely and remediation can be done timeously.

Exams and regular testing form an important part of assessment from grade 4 onwards.  Projects, research and tasks, done by the learner, with support from their parents and directed by their teacher, are an important part of assessment.  This gives learners alternatives to formal assessment methods which may not be their strong points.  Oral assessments further empower the less academic learners!

For learners with barriers, an extensive support system is in place using alternative teaching methods and tools, and creative testing techniques that give every learner the opportunity to ‘be the best that he can be’. Use of technology is encouraged, for the older learners, to assist them through their written communication barriers.