Woodcrest is a non-profit organisation.  Any profit will be recycled back into the school to improve infrastructure and purchase equipment.

The fee structure is divided into two parts:

1. Enrollment Fee

This school is not being funded by the government or outside parties.  The teachers building this school are trying to do so without any financial assistance. Therefore an enrollment fee is a necessary part of establishing a new school and ensuring its continued development.

Capital is required for the following:

  • Infrastructure such as fencing, classrooms, an office and a staff room, painting, plumbing and wiring, licensing and certification, fields, offices, ablutions, medical facilities etc.
  • Equipment such as sports equipment, desks and chairs, whiteboards, posters, teachers laptops, copiers, garden tools, cleaning equipment etc. etc. etc!
  • To build a financial reserve to fall back on for unexpected expenses or shortfalls in school fees that may impact on monthly commitments.
  • To build up a reserve for future development as the school expands onto its own premises.

A once off enrollment fee of R9 000 per learner will be required from 2020. This amount is payable up front but payment terms can be discussed.

Please remember, this is only a once off fee and will ensure your child’s education for the next 7 years. Not only that, but your child will benefit from a fresh injection of funds from new enrollments every year thereafter.

Without capital this school cannot grow!


2. Monthly school Fee

School fees are required for monthly running costs, which are not insignificant: Teacher’s salaries, caretakers, maintenance, utilities, rent, consumables, stationery, Wi-Fi, insurance, administration etc. etc

Foundation Phase:
A monthly school fee of R 2,650  (R31,800 pa) payable on the 1st day of every month for the year.

Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase:
A monthly school fee of R 2,950 (35,400 pa) payable in advance for each month of the year.



First National Bank
Cheque Account
Account Name: Woodcrest Academy
Branch:  Scottburgh, 260-225
Account No: 62651894191