PE is an important part of the schools curriculum and includes fitness training, strength building, balance and ball skills. From 2020 the school is moving to a larger venue with a sports field, so the sports curriculum will include team sports and athletics.


Outdoor Lifestyle

A program of lifestyle sports will be the main focus of the school allowing children to develop in the fields of sport that they are likely to pursue into their adult life such as swimming, tennis, golf, horse-riding, mountain biking, fishing, trail running, paddling, archery and shooting (airsoft) as coaches become available and if enough pupils are interested. These are healthy, outdoor sports that they can do competitively or just for fun. These sports will be optional via independent coaches.

A selection of extra-mural activities are now being offered, these include field games, chess, art classes and, for those that require it, audiblox therapy, art therapy (reading and OT activities), study skills, extra Maths, Afrikaans and IsiZulu.