A New Beginning

From a humble start in 2017 in a granny flat of Charmaine and Reinhardt Kerkhof’s home with a class of only 8 pupils and 2 teachers, Woodcrest Academy has made a stunning entrance into the community.  After a much needed move to a cottage on the Lynton Hall estate and in an astonishingly short period of time this unique little school has grown exponentially and by the end of 2018 has a head count of 50 pupils!!!

Parents have seen their children change for the better almost immediately thanks to the love and experience of Aunty Ruth and her amazing staff. The children are happy, healthy and are developing socially, academically and physically thanks to the holistic approach to education. This school has proven to be especially beneficial to children with learning difficulties as the teachers are all remedial specialists and the classes are small, allowing them to tailor the curriculum to suits each child’s strengths and weaknesses – no child gets left behind! The weaker children are given the assistance required to keep up, the average children are encouraged to push harder and reach their full potential and the brighter pupils are challenged further.

Next year looks to be very exciting as the school has, in the space of only a year, reached capacity at the current location. A new, larger venue is already being lined up close by with more space and better facilities.

Parents, pupils and teachers alike look forward to the new chapter in the Woodcrest Academy history book!


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