Paddling Club

Woodcrest Academy will be launching the Woodcrest Paddling Club for pupils and parents. Taking full advantage of the stunning Sezela dam just a few hundred meters from our school, weekly lessons will take place where the pupils will play games, tour the dam, race and take on fun challenges while they learn balance and paddling technique.

We will be using paddleskis (waveskis) which cannot fill with water, can be remounted easily in deep water and can never sink.

Children can earn badges when they master a skill or complete a task, to be sewn onto the club caps that you can buy at the school.

Paddle Club members will need a rash vest and tights and life jacket. You can provide your own board which can be stored at the school, or you can hire a school board.

Rates to be charged monthly based on the number of lessons held, which is subject to weather conditions. There will be up to 4 lessons in a month at R90 a lesson including boat hire, or R45 a lesson if you provide your own. Woodcrest will store and transport the boards. The fees go towards trailer and boat maintenance, caps, badges and transport.

To find out more you can join the Paddle Club  Watsapp group:

Membership form to follow shortly.

See you on the water!!!