Woodcrest Academy is very excited to bring you the first ever Woodcrest Navigation Run! Hopefully the first of many events of this format to be held at different exciting locations.

The purpose of this event is to combine adventure racing, trail running and orienteering in a format that caters to serious athletes and weekend warriors alike.


We will be sending you through 9-12kms of sugar cane fields, winding forest trails and rocky river beds through the splendidly scenic Umdoni Reserve. It will require fitness, orienteering and terrain navigation skill as you locate 15 GPS points in the quickest time possible! You will not be given these GPS points in advance either, you’ll have to make it up as you go!


This is an unmarked course so you will need to navigate using your smart phone or GPS device and the map provided on the day. You will choose the best route to take.

If you are pushing for places you will need to achieve all the checkpoints but if you are just doing it for fun you can do as many as YOU like and come back for a cold drink. This is a great adventure walk for the family, and if you’re not in a hurry there is SO much to see.

Runners or teams will be individually released at 2 minute intervals over 6 hours to keep traffic on the trails to a minimum. You will choose a starting time slot that suits you.

Swimming ability is not a requirement, the rivers crossings are shallow and the reserve is fenced so it is absolutely safe. Marshals will be out on the course if you need anything.

The run should take between 1 and 3 hours depending on your mapping skills and fitness. The distance will vary from 10 to 15kms depending on the route you plot.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on how the race works.



Individual – R250
Team of 2 – R190 pp
Team of 3 – R180 pp
Team of 4 – R170 pp
Team of 5 – R160 pp
Team of 6 – R150 pp
School Team of 6  – R150 pp



The route does have a few small land slides from the recent heavy rains, but nothing that will cause interference. The trails are looking great and the river is nice and clean. We have moved the route away from the severely damaged sections.

Roads are all now open!!

A few sections of the trail in the river bed have been washed away which quite frankly makes it a much more exciting trail if you enjoy rock hopping! However it is a bit rugged so if you have small children you may find it a little challenging. These sections will be marked on the map.


26 June 2022

Trail is open from 7:30 am – 4:00pm (you will choose your starting time slot when you enter)

Woodcrest Academy, KZN South Coast


Child care for children 3 and upwards is available at the school free of charge.

Entry Fees

A single racer (over 16) can challenge themselves on a solo run.


Seniors (over 50)


TEAMS – R160-R190pp

2, 3, 4 or 5 racers (at least one of which must be an adult over 18) can race in the team category or enjoy the race together as a family, a team builder or a group of friends looking for something different.


Men/mixed team
All Ladies team


SCHOOL TEAM of 6 – R150pp
Enter your school team of 1 teacher/parent and 5 students


Juniors – students aged 10-14
Seniors – students aged 14-18


Awesome medals available in each category!

The proceeds of this race will go towards the development of the school. We will be looking for event sponsors, please contact us if you can help in any way.


Woodcrest Academy, Sezela Cricket Oval,
Sezela, 4215


Slots are limited!

If you have any queries or issues registering you can contact Tracey at or 072 732 3853

You can pay in advance or pay on the day:

Please remember to register, slots are limited to 30 individuals/teams per hour slot so we can keep congestion on the trails to a minimum – you get to choose which time slot you prefer.
Walk-ins will be allowed but we can only accomodate so many and we’d hate for you to be dissapointed.
Register now, you can pay on the day.


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