Welcome to Woodcrest!

Woodcrest Academy provides independent education in the KZN Umdoni area for Grades 0 to 9. The curriculum is in line with CAPS requirements, and the school has been extremely successful in its first few years, receiving excellent feedback from learners, parents and the wider community. Selected SACE-registered professionals teach in small classes, implementing a personalised strategy that assists each child to actualise their academic, emotional and social potential, in line with the school’s motto: “Always Our Best.”

Ethos: Woodcrest has a firm but relaxed approach to discipline which allows learners to have fun while they are learning. The school embraces an outdoor lifestyle where learners play barefoot and climb trees. The curriculum approach focuses on developing a love for the natural environment and its conservation, and the school is fortunate to have access to Mkumbane Dam and Umdoni Nature Reserve, both within walking distance of the school. Teachers also foster a tolerant, caring attitude among learners, and no form of bullying or discrimination is accepted.

Covid-19: Woodcrest meets all standard Covid-19 requirements. By applying a range of interventions the school has provided continuous education throughout the pandemic, enabling all classes to complete the CAPS curriculum in 2020. Since the relaxation of Covid restrictions, we have been providing full week tuition at school.

Lunches: These are provided by the school for an additional fee.

Aftercare: An aftercare facility is available at the school for an additional fee.

Pre-school: We are very pleased to announce that our pre-school phase opened in January 2022.

More details may be found in our Prospectus (click to access the link).