“Woodcrest Academy is the best thing that has happened to Gordon. Ruth and Joanne have taken him from a nervous, academically battling child to a confident achiever. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.”
– Michelle Bester

“A school full of love and understanding where dreams are reached and obstacles overcome.”
– Zelda and Leme

“Woodcrest Academy has been an absolute blessing for our son these past 3 years! Watching him develop socially and academically through Grades 1 to 3 under the individual care offered by the staff has left us with nothing more to ask, We look forward to many more years with the Woodcrest family!”
– Shaun, Kim and Jordan Wootton

“Chante was always shy, quiet and lacking confidence, she doubted her ability to do anything. Since moving her to Woodcrest, Chante has blossomed. Almost a different child altogether. She is confident, happy and now knows she can do anything. Her school work has also improved tremendously. She no longer thinks she is “dumb”. That’s because of her teacher, Miss Hannah, who is patient, understanding and kind to her. Thank you Woodcrest, you’ve changed her life for the better.”

“My sons started at Woodcrest Academy last year, they have thrived since being there, their academic results have improved drastically, as well as their desire to do well at school. This is due to the dedicated staff at Woodcrest.”

“I have not seen a social dynamic quite like this where individuality is so openly accepted and the children play in a big group that completely disregards age, gender, race, status and physical ability. My quirky daughter shows absolutely no desire to conform to societal norms, she is absolutely comfortable with who she is! The Woodcrest teachers place a lot of emphasis on social and emotional development that is unparalleled in mainstream schools.”
– Tracey


And out of the mouths of babes – our Woodkids!

Gordon – “I love Woodcrest because the teachers work hard to give us the knowledge to succeed beyond their and our expectations.”

Chante – “Woodcrest Academy has transformed the me that I was, I am now brave and strong and smart and am so delighted to call Woodcrest my school.”

Nombuso  – The teachers are kind, they don’t shout at you for no reason! The statues in the garden are beautiful. I like the art that we do!”

Paul Walker – This place lets us learn very good knowledge and the teachers let us do fun stuff. When I came to this school my brain was pushed to its limit, and it helped me with my attitude….that’s why this school will always be in my heart.

Rikus  – “The thing I like about Woodcrest is the teachers are friendly and the playground has a trampoline and swings.”

Ethan  – “What I like is the teachers give you more time to finish work, and the big playground. There is no school that is better.”

Aaron  – “I love this school because the teachers always help me if I need them and they have helped me to be a better person.”

Beki – “Woodcrest has NO BULLIES – It’s full of kindness and love.”

Uzile – I adore being a Woodkid because everyone is accommodating, kind, affectionate. Nobody judges you no matter your colour, religion or style.”

Sfundo  – “I like it that the teachers and children are very kind, and they push us to be the best learners we can be. They teach us to respect each other.

Alondwe – “There is so much to learn at Woodcrest, the teachers are kind and always there for me. Learning is fun because you never know what splendid thing you are going to learn each day!”

Darnell  – “I like this school because it has no bullies or bad kids.”

Lwandile – “I love being at WCA because teachers and friends feel like family.”

Jayden – “I love being a Woodkid because they focus on each child’s individual needs, no matter what.”

Daniel – “I like WCA because it has small classes which means the teachers can help us whenever we have problems.”

Liyanda – “I love going to school everyday because of its amazing teachers and students.”

Ayabonga  – “I love this school because it is very nice and it has lots of things.”

Shivesh  – “I like this school because it has dogs. The teachers give me confidence in me.”