Woodcrest Academy is a non-profit organisation, so any surplus funds that might arise are allocated to infrastructure development and the purchase of equipment and educational resources.

The fee structure is divided into three parts:


1. Registration Fee

A once-off non-refundable registration fee secures a position in Woodcrest Academy for an admitted learner.

Pre-school: R1,500
Grades R-9: R3,000


2. School Development Fund

Woodcrest Academy receives no government funding.  A once-off contribution is therefore required to ensure the sustainability and development of the school.

Pre-school: R2,000 (full amount up front)
Grades R-9: R6,000 (payable over 12 months if required)


3. Monthly Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are required to cover operating expenses. These are payable over twelve months STRICTLY IN ADVANCE on the first day of every month for the full calendar year.

Pre-school:         A monthly tuition fee of:    2021:   n/a                                 2022:  R2 400  (R28 800 pa)

Grades R to 3:    A monthly tuition fee of:    2021:   R2 650 (R31,800 pa)         2022:  R2 850  (R34 200 pa)

Grades 4 to 7:    A monthly tuition fee of:    2021:   R2 950 (R35,400 pa)         2022:  R3 200 (R38 400 pa)

Grades 8 to 9:    A monthly tuition fee of:    2021:   R 2 000 (R12,000 pa)        2022:  R2 950 (R35,400 pa)



First National Bank
Cheque Account
Account Name: Woodcrest Academy
Branch:  Scottburgh, 260-225
Account No: 62651894191

Please Whatsapp any billing queries to 082 665 3265 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.